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The name's Matt, the profession is writing, and the humor is calculated. I'm a staff writer who covers military, first responder, and intelligence community history for Black Rifle Coffee's digital publication: Coffee Or Die magazine. Previously I worked as a freelance writer where some of my stories appeared in the print and digital editions of the Filson Journal, as well in other smaller history-focused publications. 

The majority of my published articles can be found on Authory. Original reporting stories can be found under the "Writing" tab section on my website.

I'm also an avid supporter of One More Wave and have written stories of veteran surfers (team riders) and their journey through surf and art therapy. I also helped create the Warrior Spotlight series on Fairways For Warriors. Through this organization I had the opportunity to use my voice to echo through the airwaves of ESPN Radio. Here I advocated for other types of solutions for veteran disabilities.

In 2018, I founded the micro-blog @LateNightHistory and have grown an audience of more than 12K followers on Instagram. In 2021, I launched the Late Night History podcast to document the oral histories of some of the most fascinating humans on the planet. One common theme that remains is interesting food history. This could mean a Navy SEAL making ice cream on a combat deployment for his teammates, or U-2 pilot eating toothpaste food in the cockpit of a spy plane. Listen Now!

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